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Artist's Statement

The process of art-making is magical. It fills my soul like no other activity. And it's expecially fulfilling when I know in my gut that something memorable is being created.  When it does accasionally happen, I really feel the excitement.


But, I have to admit:  the job of creating is not all roses, all the time. There have been days of anquish, frustration.... as in, "why can't I figure out how to make this look right?!" (These words can be heard coming out of my studio from another part of the house).  Throughout my 40 year art career, I have intentionally sought out new ways to create art, in order to separate myself from the ordinary. In some instances, this has meant being inventive to the point of not being able to find a "how to" book on what my creative vision is asking me to do.


I feel most content when I'm in my studio.

It fills my soul.

About 10 years ago, I became intrigued with taking my own photographs and learning how to digitally layer and manipulate them.  This process was so fascinating to me that I began taking hundreds of photographs. Most of the early photos were images of my own shadows.  I layered them in trees and sunsets, and they became my "earth angels". I saw them as guardians, protecting trees, city streets, people and even birds.  These images are a reflection of my own belief that we really are protected and that a positive energy field is around us all.

I have  been a painter, pastelist, papermaker, art-quilter and dabbled in many media. I sense that my continued evolution will be a composite of all that I have done...a fascinating, unique expression of who I am and what I feel. It's a journey, and after all, aren't we all on a life journey of learning and knowing?

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